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Listening to reproduced sound by any loudspeaker system in all kind of listening situations, made clear that in the sound reproduction something essential was missing.

That was the feeling to be really physical in the concerthal or jazz café. The creation of The Extender was based on the search to find this “lost” live experience in any sound reproduction.

However, The Extender produces no sound and is also not a supertweeter. You cannot measure or hear any sound coming from The Extender. The Extender emits a signal which communicates direct with the brain. Limited loudspeakers performance, colored acoustics or even some ear defects are hereby bridged.

These acoustical limitations in the sound reproduction do therefore play no essential role anymore. The sonic effect, after connecting The Extenders, is that the reproduced sound has suddenly natural space Depth, a very high definition and an easy listening.

You have the feeling you are facing the musical performance. You are “live” there what was the aim for the creation of The Extender.

Just connect The Extender with its separate power supply to the mains and with the supplied connection cable with the binding posts of your loudspeaker system.

The 4 position dipswitch setting on the bottom is positioned for an average amplifier – loudspeaker combination.

The best position is on top of the loudspeaker cabinet facing the listener.
The opening angle of the emitted signal is 90 degrees.

We wish you many happy and especially relaxed listening hours.

Sincerely yours,

A.J. van den Hul