Solitaire P Headphones

It is not a coincidence that our first headphones bear the name Solitaire P. Back in 1983 our founder developed T+A’s first planar-electrostatic transducer: the mid-high range unit for the Solitaire OEC active loudspeaker, which remains a legend to this day. Since that time we have continued to exploit this principle for our High-End speakers. The current Solitaire CWT range employs a planar-electrostatic mid-range / treble unit whose frequency range extends up to and beyond 50,000 Hz, and which is capable of generating sound pressure levels above 120 dB. The diaphragm of these transducers consists of a special ultra-thin film, driven by a powerful electrical field.

This principle was the obvious choice for our first headphones, based on the exceptional qualities of this type of planar transducer and our thirty-five years of experience in the development and manufacture of film transducers. Planar-magnetic transducers are very similar to electrostatic devices, as their diaphragm also consists of a thin film driven by a strong magnetic field. For that reason it was therefore natural to develop an open planar system for our first headphones, and build them here in Herford. The decision to start by developing a planar-magnetostat, and only then an electrostatic device, was based on the realisation that a magnetostat has a wider field of application, since it does not require a power supply voltage – as is the case with an electrostatic device. Both fundamental designs are ideally suited to High-End headphones, and are inherently superior to dynamic alternatives.

  • Technical Highlights

    Solitaire P

    Planar-magnetostatic headphones


    80 Ohms

    Frequency responce

    5 Hz - 54 kHz


    < 0,015 % @ 100 dB

    Type of construction

    open, over ear


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