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It is a unique device with an ingenious concept, since it combines the classic music source CD with the digital music formats of various sources. Mind you, the MP 1000 E is NOT a computer, but a high-quality, audiophile CD player with additional capabilities that have been incorporated so that it can also use other internal and external digital sources with its outstanding converter. We have developed a mainboard that can switch five different digital sources in the highest quality and without jitter: our new Streaming Client (SCL), which is a network-compatible processor board that has WLAN, LAN and USB interfaces; a high quality digital tuner;
The MP 1000 E can thus achieve everything that music delivers: Internet radio with Airable Internet Radio Service; UPnP network music server and USB media storage; FM, FM-HD and DAB + radio; CDs and music from computers and laptops or other external sources via the SP / DIF inputs. HD Bluetooth streaming from mobile devices is also possible in the highest quality.

The USB device mode input for streaming music files from the computer has been designed with a particularly high quality and can process data rates up to 32 bit / 384 kHz for PCM and DSD 256 (11.2 MHz). The heart of the MP 1000 E is the fully symmetrical double -Mono differential converter (DAC) with the audiophile analog output stages of high bandwidth. It even has a complex clock resynchronization to eliminate jitter and all external disturbances. This combination is responsible for the incredibly natural, lively "analog sound" of the MP 1000 E, which is pleasantly different from many other digital players. On request, the MP 1000 E can be equipped with the high-quality VVM preamplifier module for volume control, for example to control active loudspeakers.
  • Technology

    In keeping with the tradition of our legendary disc players, the MP 1000 E was designed as a pure-bred stereo CD player and is therefore superior to any computer solution in terms of audiophile standards.
    The digital signals from the CD drive, the streaming client board, the digital tuner, the digital connecting board with SP / DIF and USB inputs are fully symmetrical in highest quality via the very complex double mono differential converter (DAC) Signals converted. It is the heart of the MP 1000 E and even has a complex clock resynchronization to eliminate jitter and all external disturbances.
    The latest 32-bit converters from Burr Brown (TI) are used. This makes the MP 1000 E not only a high-end player for built-in sources, but also a high-end audio DAC for external sources. There are even two modes for the filter characteristic in order to be able to optimally adapt the converter to the particularities of the selected source. After the conversion of the digital signals, a high-quality, audiophile analog output stage with a high bandwidth (100 kHz) takes over the further signal processing. It is optimally matched to the symmetrical and asymmetrical outputs and is essentially responsible for the outstanding sound.

    The five high-RES digital inputs (coax with 192 kHz and optical 96 kHz) can be used for high-quality conversion of external sources by our DAC and so the exceptional sound properties of the MP 1000 E can also benefit other devices.
    The extremely high-quality USB / DAC input enables the streaming of DSD or PCM music files in the highest resolution from the PC, up to PCM 384 kSps or DSD 256 are possible. There are also input sockets for USB devices, LAN and a WLAN USB antenna.
    The MP 1000 E is accompanied by the FM1000 system remote control, which can also be used to operate the PA 1000 E. To do this, the "E-2 Link" data bus connection must also be established. The optional radio remote control FD100 can be used when installing a gateway.

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