integrated amplifier with DAC PA 1100 E

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The PA 1100 E is identical in all modules to the PA 1000 E integrated amplifier and therefore has exactly the same acoustic performance and properties. The difference is in the entrances. A symmetrical input of the PA 1000 E has been replaced by a digital input board. This board works completely independently of the rest of the device and is supplied with separate voltages for digital and analog parts. It is equipped with its own microprocessor, which takes over the entire control of the digital inputs, the filters and the converter. Music transmission from mobile devices is possible with the high-quality Bluetooth® module of the PA 1100 E in the best aptX ™ quality.

  • Technology

    The digital input board enables the direct connection of many digital sources of the highest quality, either via coax (cinch) or optical inputs. The USB-B input even enables the playback of very high-resolution files from a PC or via Ethernet / USB bridges such as Roon or NAA with data rates up to 384 kSps for PCM and up to DSD 256.
    The music transmission from mobile devices is with the high-quality Bluetooth -Module in the best aptX ™ quality possible, as well as the control of the BT player via the AVRCP protocol.

    There is also the option of installing an HDMI board, which is equipped with two input and one output socket with ARC for playing TV sound. The sound is only output in stereo.
    The modern 32-bit converter converts the digital data into analog signals in very high quality and resolution. There are two different oversampling algorithms available for PCM data, a standard FIR filter and, in addition, the Bezier algorithm developed by T + A with outstanding pulse and time behavior.
    The PA 1100 E is operated directly on the device or with the enclosed FM 11 remote control and the E 2000 IR receiver, which can be placed anywhere near the PA 1100 E and connected to the RC-In socket on the rear .

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