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PA 1000 E integrated


The integrated amplifier

The heart of the E-Series is the PA 1000 E, a power-bracing, outstanding sounding integrated amplifier, which was developed from the legendary Power Plant and whose sound could be further improved.
The pre-stage essentially determines the sound characteristics of the entire amplifier and was therefore developed for absolute neutrality, musical veracity and maximum dynamics. The use of state-of-the-art audio operational amplifiers on separate, voltage-stabilized boards (OAD = Op Amp Decoupling) ensures signal processing that is absolutely independent of the load, and thus undistorted. Of course, there is a two-stage volume control with a high-end ALPS precision potentiometer to achieve high overload resistance and large signal-to-noise ratios. The elaborate tone control and loudness function can be completely removed from the signal path using a flat switch.
The PA 1000 E is equipped with high-quality, symmetrical and asymmetrical inputs. The symmetrical input section (XLR) is located on its own circuit board, is fully symmetrical and is coupled directly to the preamplifier via the highest quality differential amplifier. The RCA and XLR inputs can be flexibly assigned to different source devices. The input selector switches are equipped with the highest quality gold contact relays to ensure freedom from distortion and noise.

  • Technology

    Basically, our new amplifiers of the E series are so-called PWM power amplifiers (PWM = pulse width modulation), with an analog modulator. They are a complete T + A in-house development and not an integrated, ready-to-use IC amplifier "off the shelf", but discrete power amplifiers that are equipped with the latest, ultra-fast MOSFET transistors and powerful, intelligent driver components.
    The power amplifiers have an analog negative feedback, which regulates the passage of voltage fluctuations of the power supply and thus excludes signal distortions caused by supply voltage, which are otherwise unavoidable with pure "forward concepts". The negative feedback is designed to be relatively weak and frequency-dependent (stronger in the bass range, where large currents flow and decreasing in the mid-high range). This results in a very controlled, resolved but never tending sound image with a perfectly contoured and well-defined bass range. The liveliness and musicality of this concept is unique.

    With the right design, switching amplifiers can not only sound exceptionally good, but they can also generate enormous output with significantly lower losses with little waste heat.
    It is particularly important to have a load-stable and high-current power supply that can safely supply the output stages even with very high power requirements and pulse peaks and does not break down. The newly developed power supply unit is therefore stabilized several times, the power amplifiers are equipped with high screening capacities and the hard toroidal transformer is floating and decoupled. This is why even power-hungry loudspeakers are driven effortlessly, and the PA 1000 E delivers up to 50 amperes of peak current.

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