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THE CRIMSON STRADIVARIUS XGW is Koa Wood Body with special Stradivarius Formula Lacquer. XGW = exclusive X coil configuration, 24 karat Gold wire, Koa Wood body with unique Lacquer. Applying the special lacquer is a tedious and time consuming task involving multiple steps and requiring an extended period of curing:

  • 4 weeks for first layer

  • 4 weeks for second layer

  • 4 weeks for third layer

  • This is followed by an additional three months of air curing and hardening process

The Gold coil wires offer a number of advantages over copper. "I use a 20 to 25 micron soft gold-wire for winding and find it better for very low level conducting. This Gold wire is drawn at extremely slow speed. This maintains much better the integrity of the conductor; around 5 cm/second, there's no mechanical drawing variations modulations and dramatically improved analog sound. Higher drawing speed adds extra crystal boundaries. Lower speed decreases number of crystal boundaries and layers and gives therefore a purer sound. The quality of the wire makes or breaks the final result after all other work on components and construction is done well.

"Soft metals have a high number of free electrons. This combined with a very high purity, produces the best sound specific onvery low signal level like concert hall acoustics." - A.J. van den Hul

The CRIMSON is a top performing custom hand built moving coil phono cartridge. Specific characteristics for this great cartridge are a relatively high (0.8mV) output, gold coils, a Samarium-Cobalt magnet, extended channel separation and superb tracking ability. The CRIMSON is one of the cartridges with the best value for money available. It is completely hand build by the Master himself and comes with a 200 hour service check-up, free of charge (for the original owner).